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We finally did it!
We leased a commercial space for our photography studio down at 980 El Camino Real, Santa Clara (10 miles away from our home in San Jose). It’s 1000+ sq. ft. Roomy space for receiving clients; enough space for the studio lights & photoshoot area, a dressing room and vanity nook; a tiny office for our post production, and there’s a little pantry (which can accommodate a fridge and only a fridge), and lots of wall space to hang our works of art. What a blessing it is to have this studio, we can’t stop thanking God for it. The building is a beautiful Victorian style, owned and built by the Italian architect Salvatore Caruso. The previous tenant was a wonderful couple and fellow photographers Lucie & Sam (of LucieXYZ Photography), and we are grateful ever when they helped us take over the cozy place. Our business name used to be Memory Station Studio, but we thought of changing it to something catchy and easy to remember, and something that will go well with our branding. When we stepped through the door of the studio, Marc said, “well, this is it!” and This is iT Photography was born. 🙂

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