Preparing for your Kids photo session in our Santa Clara Photography Studio

We all know that children are challenging subjects to photograph because they have a mind of their own and the energy to drive anyone mad, but it is that energy and ideas that can make the perfect kids photograph, them being themselves.  Candid shots can really tell a lot about the child.

We know what it takes to get the best out of your kids, to get those fabulous photographs of your child being themselves.  We understand that children love having fun and we provide a comfortable, safe and fun environment for your kid’s photography session.  Our job is to bring out the perfect expressions and joy for all to see and treasure for years to come.  We know that the key to getting great kids pictures is to work with them, not against them.

It is important however that you come prepared; make sure your child has eaten, is well rested and comfortable.  A happy child makes for better pictures.  We use professional lighting, a variety of backdrops and a number of props to get those perfect photographs you will be able to enjoy well into the future.  You may bring a few wardrobe changes for a more variety of photographs.

Children are children only for so long but we can make this time last forever by taking amazing photographs that you can treasure in your family photo album for many, many years to come. We know that your child is precious to you and we only want to provide you with photographs that are just as precious.   We let kids be kids; it is the best way to get the best photographs of them.

Thanks for stopping by and see you in our Santa Clara Photography Studio.