High School Seniors Photography | Photographing teens

High school is a wonderful time; it is a time for great friendships, first dates, fun and exciting parties, dances and of course graduation.  For seniors, it is a time for memories and the best way to keep those memories fresh and alive is to have a professional high school senior photographer take photographs of your child to celebrate this momentous achievement.

To make your senior photographs unforgettable, you need to be prepared.  There is a lot of thought that needs to go into your session.  Make up, hairstyles and clothes are all things that need to be considered to get those perfect senior shots.  We understand that this is a very important time for every teen and we know that perfection is a must.

We want you to be as prepared and comfortable as possible so bring clothing that you will be comfortable in.  You can include outfits that are casual, trendy, stylish or formal depending on how you want to be portrayed in the photos. Along with changes of clothing you will need to think of different shoes you might like to wear with each outfit.  Whatever that you may choose, have fun with your choices, accessorize and bring different props, the more fun you have will have a huge impact on the outcome of your senior photographs.

The smallest details can make a huge difference.  Try different hair styles, hair down, up, curly and straight.  Make sure to bring the appropriate hair accessories to your photo shoot such as pins and hair clips in case you may need them.  As much as we want our hair to look great, our hair just never seems to stay in place for long.  Wind can easily muss it up so bring brushes, combs, gel and hairspray to keep your finished look in place.

If you choose to wear makeup, go with what feels good for you and don’t worry about the odd blemish, our professional photographer will take care of those so that they don’t even show up in the end photographs.  Bring as many personal items and mementos as you wish to your session since these items can be used to customize your look and capture the person who you are at this wonderful time of your life.  Book your high school senior photography session now and enjoy these memories forever.