All about Pet Photography – Silicon Valley Bay Area Pet Photographer

Beloved pets will always have place in your heart and having wonderful photos of your pets to enjoy time and again is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family.   Honor your dog, cat, parrot (and other pets) for his or her loyalty and for being a respected member of your family  by getting a portrait done of them. 

A lot of animals are not prepared for photographic activity. It helps that they respond to your control in case they get too excited. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the environment of your pet photography session.  You and your pet need to be as comfortable and happy. Ensure that your pet is not hungry and it also might be a good idea to bring snacks and toys to maintain you pet’s good behaviour.  Animals are usually easy to distract and a favorite toy can help to make your pet’s portrait picture purrfect.

Before arriving at the studio you should make sure that your pet is well groomed because we know that you want your pet to look their best for their photo shoot.  Days before the photo session consider bathing, brushing, clipping the hair and nails, clean the eyes and face.  Choosing a collar is something you might want to consider as well since you may have something fancy and decorative you may like to use.  Bring a brush or comb with you so that every shot can be as perfect as your pet. Prepare for tears of joy and laughter as you see your loved one shine like a star in a fun photography session.

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