Santa Clara Portrait Photography – A Photoshoot with the Warrior

I am so honored that Marcel chose to work with us for his portrait session in our  studio at Santa Clara.
First time I saw his picture (prior to meeting), a light bulb turned on in my head. I had this idea of what I want to shoot for him. Marcel is an athlete, model, personal trainer, singer/musician, etc.. he’s loaded with talent plus the good looks (just as good looking as I am, hahaha!!!) He also has a 6-pack abs (I also had those packs long time ago on my previous life *grin*). He’s tall 5’10, and packed with muscles. The concept I had in mind was a fighter/warrior, to which Marcel liked the idea, and so we did it. I am a fan of Muay Thai/street fighter kind of movies, and of course the 300 (Spartan movie). I got to do the Muay Thai concept. And so here are some of the many many good photos we had today.

I brought these manila ropes and tied them around his wrists, bicep, head, waist. The thing is I had to tie it real tight to make it realistic. And Marcel endured the cramps for the sake of the shoot. He’s very easy to work with, and down-to-earth. I later learned that his father is also a Filipino, from the town of Pangasinan where my father is from. No wonder we look alike (hahahaha!! in my dreams!) Props are good, and I had this sword I got from Party City and it looks like this:

It’s been a good day and can’t wait to post-process some more of the photos. I am very open to any ideas our clients might want for a portrait session. Just be very open and let me know what you want and I’ll work on it.

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