Preparing for your newborn photography session at This is it Photography

There is nothing more innocent and beautiful than a sleeping baby; newborns are the perfect depiction of innocence, purity and freshness. As parents, and grandparents, you want to look back and remember these moments forever.  Being blessed with a baby is one of the greatest things that can happen and it needs to be embraced and cherished which is why having your newborn photographs taken by a professional is so important.

You can have photographs taken of your newborn by him/herself, with the entire family, siblings or even with a family pet.  It is a good idea to have your newborn’s photographs taken in a couple of weeks after his or her arrival so that the infant’s newness is captured and can be cherished for years to come.  It doesn’t take long for your newborn to grow and replace it with an infant’s smile and character.  Because they grow up so fast, it is important to book your infant photography session now before that “new soul” look is gone.

We want you and your baby to feel as comfortable as possible which is why we provide a warm and caring environment.  We use props and other safe materials to get that perfect shot of your precious child.  We want to ensure that we get photographs of your child in their most natural and innocent state and we will often take photographs of your newborn in nothing but blankets surrounding them. Some of our props are baskets, cocoon knits, and newborn caps. We can get that perfect shot of you holding your child. It is best to have newborn sleeping all the time during the photo shoot, so it will be easier to take those cute newborn photos.

Feed your infant before the session so that he or she is comfortably full and sleeping.  It is important to let us know before your arrival what gender your infant is so that we have the appropriate props and backgrounds ready.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have those darling little hands feet captured in a timeless photograph showing the ultimate bond between mom and baby?  How about having the bond between dad and baby captured in as well.  The emotion that parents and grandparents feel when it comes to your newborn is something that shouldn’t be missed, capture it all now and save those memories to look back on at any time.

Every child loves to look at pictures when they were born. For your child to have photographs of him or herself as an infant will make him or her feel as special as they already are.  Book your infant photography session now and we will capture your infant at his or her most precious moments to be enjoyed forever and always.