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Alamat (Legend) – Trailer for 2015 Traditional Filipino dance show

Parangal Dance Company presents… 

Alamat (Legends) A cultural dance show about the traditions of native filipinos of Kalinga, Ga’dang, Tboli, and Bagobo.

Showing October 2015 in San Francisco California. Please enjoy the trailer. 🙂

We did their portraits session first in This is it Photography Studio in Santa Clara before we continue shooting some more portraits and video clips in Baker Beach San Francisco.Thank God, we were blessed with a great California late summer weather that day.

Some information on upcoming Alamat production


  • Kabunyan washes away a once harmonious land turned chaos. A new life begins restoring and sustaining the traditions and culture of the Kalinga.


  • The blue skies and corn filled mountains of Paracelis turn a journey in search of a Makammang to call back and heal the soul of sick.


  • In a fit of jealousy, the ruling datu slays his brother. For this outrage, his daughter is fated to die.


  • A stolen set of gongs awakens the spirits and causes disorder in the community. As the gong is retrieved one by one, music played pleasing to the spirits send them back to rest. The community regains their livelihood and bountiful harvests.

Credits to:

Kalinga chants – Jenny Bawer Young
T’boli Kudyapi – Music of the Mystical Far East
Video – This is it Photography
Legend Poster Artist – Mark Tolentino from Davao