San Francisco Wedding Photography – Cherry Blossoms

During May and Simon’s consultation with us last year, one of the areas we talked about is their engagement session. We asked what they wanted to do for the engagement session, like we often do, we suggested doing a theme that the couple like, or something that they are passionate about. May had an idea, she wants parasols and a cherry blossom photoshoot. And so cherry-blossom it is! They planned for a perfect timing when the cherry blossoms are in bloom at the Japanese Garden @SF. May was dressed in an off-white wedding gown filled with lace reminiscent of Kate Winslet in that movie Sense and Sensibility.(She will wear a different gown on her wedding day.) Simon does photography as a hobby. He conveyed to us what he wants for his photos, and his wish is our command. Hats off to May and Simon’s excitement and energy, it was our pleasure to photograph you. Looking forward to your wedding. Here are some of the photos and watch out for more.

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2 thoughts on “San Francisco Wedding Photography – Cherry Blossoms

  1. Cindy says:

    >Very nice… ganda naman, so lovin the photos. I bet they’re so happy of the outcome. Good job to both you =)

  2. >I love the cherry blossom. These pics are so pretty!

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