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>We’re in Asian Journal =)

When writer Malou Liwanag-Aguilar told us, that the weekly Asian Journal (Northern California edition) would come out on May 29, 2009, we eagerly waited to get the first copy of the newspaper. We headed to the nearest Asian store and got a dozen (or so) =). We were blown-away when we saw the coverpage of the lifestyle section. There we are, our photos in full page glory, holding our cameras. We can hardly stop staring at it, ironically, us photographers have a few photos of ourselves on display, so we savor the sweet moment of being on the newspaper. =)
Malou Aguilar writes, “…photographers could capture moments in a matter of seconds, and yet it would amount to a lifetime of memories. Marc and Phoebe Aviles, through their camera lens, continue to celebrate life in passion.” A lot more of good stuff in there, and we’re glad our clients are happy to see their photos on the newspaper as well. Read on…

Cover Story, Page 2
Cover Story, Page 3

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