Studio Sessions

>Photoshoot with Roger

When Roger booked me for a portrait session, he said he liked the texture and quality of the men’s portraits I posted on our website and he said he wants that kind of quality and he wants something dark. Before the photoshoot, I requested him to do some push-ups so the muscles would be extra prominent. Sprayed some water on his body for some texture. His body itself is a work of art. All I have to do is to setup the studio lights dramatically to give his muscles more definition, dimension. Result – the shadows that fall on his body is a beauty, the lights and shadows match the strength that he posses. I love my studio lights. The only photo post-processing I do is to set the color tone, and that’s it. When posing, Roger is very confident and comfortable and open to ideas. He can project a certain character, and it was easy to photograph him. Later I learned that he does modelling stints and he’s also an athlete and is flying to Chicago to run in a 26+ mile marathon! Roger told me he’s very pleased with the photos, and he looks forward to work with me again.

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